Patient Reviews

“#1 pediatric dentist in Naples! Dr. Hester was so patient with our daughter during an emergency. He was sure to create a positive environment so our daughter remained calm. He is gentle, kind, and understanding. We appreciate Dr. Hester for going above and beyond!”

– Megan B.

My kids love going to see Dr. Hester, or as they call him Dr. Jake. His gentle southern disposition always makes them feel at ease. His new office is beautiful and is located near downtown Naples. I highly recommend him and couldn’t ask for a better pediatric dentist for my family.

– Dan S.

Dr. Hester is the best! He’s incredibly patient, kind, and knowledgeable. His calm demeanor even makes a tooth extraction go smoothly! As a parent, I couldn’t imagine a better pediatric dentist for my two children. Dr. “Jake” does not disappoint, and neither does the fact that his new office is in a prime location.

– Rachel S.

We just took our toddler to this office and the doctor and entire staff made him feel welcome. I had been stressing about this for months because it was his first visit to a dentist but Dr. Hester’s calm and professional demeanor helped a ton in keeping our little guy relaxed. Thank you so much!

– Adrianela P.

Took my niece Isabella for an emergency visit to Dr. Hester yesterday. What was a very stressful situation for us, was handled so smoothly by him and his manager. They were able to see us right away and delivered exceptional care. Needless to say, my sister Iusi will be transferring her daughter’s care to him.

– Maureen B.