Laser Dentistry

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Dental anxiety affects patients of all ages, and we’re always looking for new ways to better serve our young patients and keep them comfortable. Laser dentistry offers a new way to perform standard procedures with less discomfort and a more positive patient experience. Lasers are available for procedures on both the teeth and gums, reducing the need for stressful tools like the drill.

Discover Drill-Free Procedures

Many kids get a little stressed at the prospect of going to the dentist’s office for an exam and cleaning. Once the need for a filling enters the equation, that can cause additional dental anxiety. Introducing a dental laser transforms the filling procedure so that your child feels more comfortable throughout. We’re able to reduce the need for the drill and for shots, and decrease post-procedure swelling and bleeding.

How Dental Lasers Work

There are different lasers for different treatment applications, the most notable being hard tissue lasers (for use on teeth) and soft tissue lasers (for use on the gums/cheeks/other oral soft tissues). Lasers use focused light energy of a specific wavelength to cut through tissue. This allows the teeth and gums to be treated with less friction and less heat. Your child will wear special glasses to protect their eyes from the laser during treatment.

Laser dentistry has been in practice for decades, and lasers are becoming more sophisticated every year. Dr. Hester has a laser available for both hard and soft tissue procedures, so that your child can experience the benefits regardless of their treatment.

Why Kids Love Laser Treatments

Lasers offer the following advantages over traditional dental tools:

  • Greater precision – Lasers are highly precise and can reduce the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Faster healing – Using a laser reduces swelling and bleeding, and can also help encourage faster tissue growth. Lasers also reduce the risk of bacterial infections in the treatment area. This helps your child heal faster and feel better about the treatment process.
  • Less of a need for anesthesia – Nobody likes getting shots at the dentist’s. Because treatment with a laser is more comfortable, there’s less of a need for anesthesia and it may not even be necessary.

As a pediatric dental practice, we’re always striving to improve our patients’ experiences. Dental lasers are an important tool in helping us achieve that goal.

If you’d like to learn more about whether a laser could be a part of your child’s treatment plan, just get in touch.